Public Seminar On "Trade Terms - What Are Your Risks and Obligations?"

The Trade Finance association of Bankers (TFAB) conducted a Seminar on "Trade Terms - What are your Risks and obligations?" on the 08th of July 2009 at the Bank of Ceylon Auditorium, attended by a full house of enthusiastic Corporate's. Association believes that knowledge sharing among Trade Finance community is a foremost responsibility and towards this it endeavors holding similar quality seminars in the future. The response for the seminar was immense although it was a week day and regretfully many requests for participation had to be turned down. TFAB plans to have its next Seminar in October this year. Mr. Parama Dharmawardena, Consultant Sampath Bank, President of the Association (former Deputy General Manager, Sampath Bank) who was the resource person for the event stressed on the importance of International Commercial Terms (Incoterms) in finalizing Trade Contracts. The TFAB's continued efforts in providing the Business sector mainly the Importers, Exporters and the Bankers with the latest know how in International Trade Finance through Seminars and Workshops is commendable.

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