100th Council Meeting

Trade Finance Association of Bankers was formed in 1997, by a group of Senior Bankers involved in International Trade operations who identified the need for a coordinated effort of all bankers in Sri Lanka involved in international trade operations to build a global image of our ability to provide a professionalized and a level of the highest standard of service in handling international trade transactions. The TFAB from its inception have been actively engaged in imparting knowledge, the necessary skills to its members while pormoting best practices, in Trade Finance. A much looked forward to event in the TFAB calendar by the membership is the Annual Trade Finance Quiz and the Social. This event was added to the TFAB calendar in 2003, where the bankers involved in trade finance are given an opportunity to test their skills and knowledge on the Subject as well as on general knowledge. The Inaugural Trophy was won by the Commercial Bank of Ceylon Ltd. The outdoor event was a tremendous success and very much enjoyed by the membership in that there is a big cry by to make this an annual event and the TFAB has decided to include it in its calendar of events. The association on a continuing basis has been actively engaged in discussions with regulatory bodies including Exchange Control Department of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka, Import and Export Control Dept., of Sri Lanka and Sri Lanka Customs in streamlining International Trade activities. In the 12 year illustrious history of the Association it has been continuously expanding it’s membership and has members from almost all commercial banks operating in Sri Lanka while a number of Senior bankers play the major role in conducting it’s activities towards achievement of the goals and objectives of the Association.

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