Public Seminar

A full day seminar organized by the Trade Finance Association of Bankers on "Understanding Trade Risks to meet Global Challenges" was held on 26th November 2011 at the Galadari Hotel. The seminar was open to a wide spectrum of participants such as Importers, Exporters, Bankers, Lawyers, Shipping and Insurance Industry professionals etc. The emerging industrial powers like China India, Commodity suppliers such as Australia, many countries in Africa and Latin America and the Developed democratic welfare states, like the EU, US and Japan. The emerging industrial powers and commodity suppliers have done well during the financial crisis. Tanuj Edward - Assistant General Manager - AVIVA NDB Insurance Sabry Ibrahim - Senior Deputy General Manager- Peoples Bank Nilam U Jumat - Assistant General Manager-Trade Services - Hatton National Bank plc. A Kathiravelupillai, Senior Banking Consultant, Former Deputy General Manager - Bank of Ceylon handled the difficult task of Moderator. In a new development from this year, members of the Institute of Bankers of Sri Lanka (IBSL) are eligible to earn Continuous Professional Development (CPD) points by participating in Seminars organized by the Trade Finance Association of Bankers. From the feedback received the participants had benefited very much from the presentations made especially as the topics co-related to the work they are involved in. The panel discussions which followed the presentation was very interactive and included Jegan Durairatnam Deputy General Manager, International Commercial Bank of Ceylon who added much value to the discussion. The participants were able to clarify many technical issues relating to International Trade practices. The President of the Association Nilam Jumat said that the Trade Finance Association of Bankers, which was inaugurated in 1997 has from inception been actively engaged in imparting knowledge and the necessary skills to its members by conducting seminars, lectures discussions, workshops etc. on a wide range of topics relating to International Trade.

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