Port Tour

Trade Finance Association of Bankers (TFAB) recently organized its educational tour to Colombo port to enhance the knowledge of its members in line with the objectives of the association. The port tour organized and fully sponsored by the association was highly commended by its members. The focus of the program was to provide a holistic view of the operations of the Colombo port so that the trade professionals would appreciate and understand the relevance of their work in smooth clearance of goods through customs and port procedures. The program covered in house lectures pertaining to port activities and cargo handling procedures. Members enjoyed a field visit inside the port and also had an opportunity to explore the warehouses located inside the port. Mahapola Training Institute of the Colombo port authority conducted this program. Picture shows all the participants who took part in the port tour. After evaluation of our previous port educational tour and the participants’ feedback, TFAB has decided to continue this program on a regular basis to give an opportunity to all of their members to make use of the unique educational opportunity.

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